Three Tips For Making A Wall Safe Harder To Dislodge

A wall safe is great if you want to store a lot of valuables and dangerous things like firearms without having to use up a lot of space in your home. While a wall safe isn't quite as secure as a large and heavy traditional safe that's bolted to the ground, it can be more than adequate for your purposes if you make the right choices. You can talk with a place like Georges Lock & Security Service about different safes that will work well in your home. And, remember these three tips if you want to make your wall safe as hard to dislodge as possible.

Carve Your Wall Hole Near A Room Corner To Reduce A Crowbar's Leverage

If no key or combination is readily available, a smart burglar will try to remove your safe by tearing up the wall around it and dislodging the metal body with a crowbar. While this method will work eventually, it'll be such a loud and time-consuming affair that the police will have plenty of time to respond to an alarm put out by other security features. These security features could be either motion sensors on the safe itself or security cameras outside your home.

But if you want to be perfectly sure that a burglar will never have enough time to make off with your wall safe, an easy precaution is putting it near a wall corner. Since the burglar will need to leverage a crowbar on both sides of the safe to work efficiently, extra time will be wasted on tearing up an entire wall corner to make more room.

Put Thick Wooden Boards On The Wall Hole's Interior To Buttress The Safe

Putting thick wooden boards in the wall hole's interior will significantly increase the amount of time a burglar will have to work to access the safe directly. If the boards are properly attached to the wall with enough nails, dislodging them will take a significantly longer time than simply tearing through plaster.

Install A Metal Plate Border Around The Safe

One of the most expensive yet effective options out there for enhancing your wall safe is installing a series of metal plates on the wall around it. This plate border doesn't have to be very wide for it to significantly slow down a burglar's dislodging work.

To ensure that the screws holding the plates in place can't be easily removed, a second metal layer has to be welded onto them after the initial installation. Therefore, before you consider adding metal plates, you should be absolutely sure that you never want to move the safe to another area in your home.