Four Limitations Of Condo Living That Might Be Good Things

If you are on the market for a new home, you might be shying away from condos and other shared living situations. You may be worried that a few of the common limitations that come along with condo living might not be for you, but it might be worth it to have your real estate agent show you a few community living options as well. Here are four perceived limitations you might think of when it comes to condo ownership, and how these can actually be perks.

1. External Updates are Out of Your Control

If you are on the market for a stand-alone home, be sure think about how much time and effort you want to put into all parts of a home. This might involve painting your exteriors, landscaping, and fixing things like roofing and driveways. All of a sudden, this work might seem a bit overwhelming. Living in a condo will let you enjoy these upgrades, but the actual work won't need to be headed up by you.

2. Nearby Neighbors

If you are worried that you'll be living on top of neighbors in a condo environment and will be too much in each other's business, there are benefits to community living. If a condo is primarily owner-occupied, this will keep down the amount of renters who may be less apt to care about their surroundings. Condo bylaws limiting noises, pets, and other nuisances can also be an advantage that you might not get in a typical neighborhood.

3. Communicating With an HOA

The isn't any way around the fact that condo living can be tight quarters and will need to have rules to keep individual spaces safe. Many times you will need to run all internal work done on your unit by your homeowner's association first to make sure work is licensed and you have the proper permits. While this might seem like a drag, you wouldn't want your next-door neighbor doing unauthorized work that could harm your space. These rules are put into place to protect all owners.

4. Dealing With a Gated Community

Many times condos are within a gated community with individual access and assigned parking. This is to ensure that everyone has access to their unit and can feel safe within their homes. While it might be a pain to have to buzz your friends in and guide them to visitor parking, this is the best way to make sure that your parking spot is ready for you and to ensure your home is protected when you aren't there.

Condo living might not be for everyone, but this sometimes can get a bad rap that it doesn't deserve. It might be worth it to take a second look at your list of deal breakers when it comes to homeownership, and maybe reconsider a condo situation. Discussing pros and cons with your real estate agent, such as those at EXIT Lakes Realty Premier, can help clarify your needs as well.