Four Unique Ways To Sell A Home Faster

When it comes to selling a home, its often about finding the right home, in the best location and offered at the best possible price. Even then, it requires having a qualified and interested buyer find the home. There are common things, like painting, cleaning and decluttering, that most sellers do to help their homes offer more appeal to buyers. There are also some sellers who go a little further to get the sale. Here are some ideas that go beyond what most Realtors generally suggest.

Give a Gift

It may seem unusual, but some homeowners are offering extras to the buyers of their home. In many cases, it is a good idea to do so when the property would cost more to move than what the buyer is willing to pay. The gift should always has genuine value. This could be furnishings, but also includes boats, farm animals and even vehicles. Some homeowners have been known to include local gym memberships or the use of a timeshare along with the house keys.

Offer a Reward

Even if the home is being advertised by a real estate agency, a little more attention may help. Spread the word by offering a reward to friends and family to share your listing. Mention that a certain amount of money will be provided if their share leads to the eventual sale of the home. It takes only a second or two for someone to share an advertisement on social media, and the results can be very profitable for them and the homeowner.

Create a Movie

Give potential buyers a clearer picture by throwing together a video of the house, the neighborhood and the general area. Highlight all of the benefits of the property and why any buyer would be lucky to live here. Load the video online and include the link on any paper or online advertisements for the home. Also, add the web address for the video onto the sale sign in the yard.

Network for Buyers

Houses do not have to be strictly sold to strangers off the street. Be proactive about seeking out people that may have an interest. Property managers, owners of local rental properties or even neighbors. Talk to them directly to see if they are looking for an investment or may know someone else who happens to be looking. This method may be much faster than placing an ad or putting out a yard sign and hoping someone sees it.

Anyone who is ready to sell a home wants to sell it quickly. In some areas of the country, this process is fast and easy without worrying about additional tactics. However, in other neighborhoods, it can take a little extra effort. Anyone who wants to generate as much interest as possible in their home should consider trying a couple of unusual, sell house quickly methods just to garner extra attention and create a little excitement.