Buying An As-Is Home? Get Property Cleanup Before You Start Fixing Things

Although most as-is homes are sold as a foreclosure, some homeowners also choose to sell their home without a lot of cleaning being done—either due to a lack of money or a rush to move. It does not automatically mean that the property will be very dirty, but this is a possibility that you need to consider. While structural issues and serious repairs should be your major concern, cleaning up is mainly just time-consuming. It is best to get a property cleanup before you start working on the property.

Prevent Yourself from Getting Injured

A home that only requires a light cleaning might be fine for you to handle on your own, but you do not need to put yourself at risk when you buy an excessively dirty property. For safe lifting, you need to follow specific rules such as putting handles on objects, balancing the weight, and not overextending to reach items, but a home that is in desperate need of cleaning is not going to abide by any of these rules.

Speed Up the Restoration Process

A professional clean-up service will clean the interior and exterior of the home, which will get you ready for the restoration. If the property is not livable in the condition you bought it in, you probably want to get it fixed quickly, at least to the point in which you can live there without any concerns. Asking the professionals to start on the inside will help you get closer to making it livable as you can start on repairs sooner, whether it be plumbing, electrical, mold, asbestos, or heating and air conditioning.

Gain a Better Perspective

It is not easy to get a good look at a property with furniture, boxes, and junk all over the place, so a cleanup will give you a better perspective of what you need to do and what you can do to the property. If you are going to do most of the work on your own, you can start drawing up plans as soon as one room is finished.

Get the Same Service after Restoring the Home

After you handle the entire restoration, if you have not rented a dumpster to get rid of construction materials, you should get the same property clean-up service as before. It is an easy way to take care of a responsibility that you may not have the time nor desire to handle, and it eliminates injury risk again.

An as-is house is going to have problems, but this does not make it impossible to handle. A property clean-up service is exactly what you need to take some of the workload off of your hands.

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