Why Hiring An Interior Design Expert When Selling A Home Is A Good Idea

Are you thinking about selling your home? Do you want to make sure that you get the full market value of your house, but aren't sure what needs to be done? Instead of looking for a house that can be fixed up and turned into an ideal house, many home buyers are looking for a home that is already what they consider to be perfect. Even if you think your interior design is beautiful, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a professional:

Most cost effective remedies: If your house doesn't have a granite counter top in the kitchen, it may sell for less money than a similar house in your neighborhood that does have a granite counter top. But, depending on your neighborhood, the increase in selling price might not be enough to justify the installation cost. An interior design expert can help you find small improvements that will help raise the final selling price. If you're still living in the home, they might suggest putting brand new slipcovers on your living room furniture, to help give that room a cleaner and more unified look. If your toilet is a designer color, they might tell you that spending a few hundred dollars to replace it will raise the selling price of the house by many times that.

Best color choices: The best colors to sell a home can vary widely by region and personal preference. If you're a fan of Asian design, you may currently have your home beautifully decorated with accents of red and black. But if you live in a smaller mid-western city, it might be hard to find someone who shares the same aesthetics. An interior design expert can help you pick out the most welcoming color choices for your house. These may be neutral colors, like white or beige, or they may be calming blues or greens. Repainting your home in the "right" colors can help you sell faster and to get a higher price.

Hide small flaws: Seeing evidence that pets live in a house can be a turnoff for some people. Even if you have recently installed new flooring and the pet has never had any accidents inside, seeing pet dishes or evidence of litter boxes may cause some people to reconsider making an offer. An interior design expert can help you find insignificant things like this and help you to come up with viable solutions. For example, he or she might suggest that you start keeping your pet dishes in a kitchen cabinet when not in use, or that you should think about purchasing an end table that conceals your litter box.