Need Extra Space? Consider Wall Beds Over Traditional Furniture

For homes with very limited space, such as studios, apartment homes for rent or lofts, a lot of creative thinking will have to take place in order to have an accommodating living space. Wall beds are one great way to save some space in any type of living quarters.

What Are Wall Beds?

Wall beds are beds that are built into a wall or closet. They include hinges on one end so that the homeowner can pull down the bed at night and push it up in the morning. This allows major space saving in what would otherwise be a very cramped atmosphere. They are perfect for keeping a home comfortable and functional, no matter the size.

What Rooms Are Wall Beds For?

These structures are ideal for nearly any room in a home, with exception maybe to the kitchen. Many places have them in a living space. Others have them in what are normally traditional bedrooms. They are helpful in these rooms because they can be placed in the upright position during the day, transforming the room into a playroom or an office space.

What Are the Benefits Of Wall Beds?

In addition to saving space in a small home, there are a wealth of other benefits of these structures. They are easily blended into the décor of a house. Some people become concerned with the aesthetics of wall beds, believing they are clunky and unattractive. In fact, there are many models that have different hardwood finishes that are very beautiful and simulate a lovely wall. Others have faux bookcases or shelving built into them.

They are also easy to use. There is often a concern that they are heavy and cumbersome. They fold seamlessly into their storage space. Just about anyone can use these beds, even if they do not have a large amount of muscle strength.

In addition to these benefits, this type of bed is also very functional and well made. Some may be concerned that lifting a bed in and out of a wall each day can cause it to become worn out or easily damaged. The companies that manufacture these structures often take this into consideration and build them to purposely withstand regular daily use.

Wall beds can be well worth it for smaller dwellings. They do not have to be a permanent fixture, making them ideal for rentals. Consider them if there is a need for a place in the home that can be better utilized without the need for a traditional bed.