Setting The Stage For Home Sales Success

It's time to sell your home, and you want a quick and satisfying sale. Among other tricks, home staging is gaining popularity quickly, not just because of what it highlights, but what it makes recede. You can hire a professional or make it a DIY project, so read on to learn more about what home staging is and how to do it.

What Buyers Want to See

Television channels like HGTV, with lots of "nesting" programming, have never been more popular. In fact, your buyers are likely among the 96 million homes that this venue reaches every day. Buyers expect homes to have the attributes of those showcased on this and other home-oriented programs, and it could benefit you greatly to play along. After all, you probably already understand the basics of staging without really realizing it when you clear clutter from a room before a showing and when you freshen up a room with neutral paint colors.

Professional Home Staging

This industry is booming and these professionals provide a wide variety of choices, from complete project management that includes a removal of your old furniture to be replaced with rented pieces to less involved interventions. To save money, you can have a consultation that results in an evaluation with targeted advice and tips on the use of color, furniture arrangement and general info about what buyers are looking for in a new home.

DIY Home Staging

You don't necessarily need a professional to help you improve your home for your buyers.

1. Decluttering: Your new buyer wants to picture their own knickknacks, so pack yours away for your hoped-for, upcoming move. Just clearing out the books, figurines and wall decor will make your rooms automatically look much larger. Move out the over-sized, heavy furniture and stick to small-scaled pieces.

2.  Rearrange: Once you have the bulky furniture out, re-think your remaining pieces. For example, large glass front china cabinets are visually imposing and no longer stylish. Instead, bring the bottom part of your bedroom dresser (without the attached mirror) into your dining area. Place a stylish mirror above to add light and give the room a fresh touch. As a bonus, removing the bulky dresser from the bedroom will make that room look far roomier.

3.  Colorize: Neutral tones help your new buyer to visualize their own furnishings in your home, and paint is a relatively inexpensive fix.  Speaking of color, add lots of colorful cushions and pillows on your seating and beds, and make sure that you use a variety of sizes and shapes for a casual, easy-going look.

You want your new buyers to take a look at your home and love it as much as you once did, so get started on setting the stage for your home to sell right away. For more information on sell my home, click on the link or do an online search.