Switching Tenants? 4 Ways To Get Your Rental Home Presentable For Open House

Showing your rental property off during an open house is one of the best ways to attract attention from potential renters—something that is so important if you don't want to lose money by leaving the home vacant for a long time. While photos may be able to disguise some of the less modern features or bad landscaping, your open house won't go well if you don't devote some time and money towards getting it in good shape. With the following ideas for property maintenance and updates, you can expect to start receiving several applications from interested renters.

Get the Front and Back of the Home Landscaped

The first thing people will see when driving up to a home is the landscaping. Focusing on both the front and back of the property can help you address what parts of the landscaping need to be fixed up. Sprinkling fertilizer on the lawn, planting colorful new flowers, and getting any trees trimmed can make an enormous difference in the way that your home looks to renters.

Replace or Deep Clean the Flooring

Whether the rental home has carpeting, tile, or hardwood floors, you will need to make sure that the flooring is deeply scrubbed or steam cleaned so that it looks like new. If your previous tenants ripped up or damaged the flooring, you may even want to get it replaced so that the house looks presentable and you're able to charge more for rent than leaving the damaged or dirty floors as is.

Give the Kitchen and Bathroom Thorough Cleanings

Some of the most used spaces in any home include the kitchen and bathroom, making it a good idea to give these spaces the deepest clean. Wiping down the counters, scrubbing the shower or bath, spot cleaning the appliances, and giving any mirrors or windows a cleaning can help the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle again.

Consider Updating the Light Fixtures and Hardware

The light fixtures can give away the age of a home rather quickly, so it's recommended that you replace any older light fixtures that may look drab or out of style. Luckily, replacing a light fixture is a job simple enough for you to take care of your own and can provide you with the opportunity to save some money while doing some property maintenance.

As you prepare for the prospect of renting a home to new tenants, you can get more attention during an open house by making some of the above changes. Contact a business, such as http://www.ritasoldmyhome.com, for more information.