A Few Things To Inspect Closely When Looking At Houses For Sale

If you have decided it is time to buy a new home, you will probably look at many houses for sale before deciding on a few to go through a second, or even third time. To help make your final choice out of the chosen few, there are a few things to look at extra carefully.


As you walk through a house, pay attention to the furnishings. Even though they are not yours and may not be anything you would ever have in your home, they can tell a lot about the size of the rooms. Sometimes, the way a room is arranged or the furniture that is in it makes the room appear larger than it is. You want to be sure that all of your furniture will fit comfortably. Take a tape measure and graph paper with you to make a drawing of each room. Make note of where any windows or doors are too so you can better place your own things in the room.


While new paint makes a room look nicer and cleaner than old, dingy paint, it can also hide many flaws. Anytime you notice a room has been recently painted – often a give-away will be the new paint smell or completely unmarked walls – be sure to ask about it. The room may have been painted simply because the old paint did look bad. If the old paint looked bad because of mold or mildew, ask what was done to remedy the situation. The information you receive could lead to further questions about any leaks or moisture issues the house may have had. Knowing that these things have been taken care of is a good indication that the building has been properly maintained.

Knowing that the building has been cared for should give you a confidence that you can go ahead and make an offer on the property. Take your time and look at the house and what is in it carefully. If you have any concerns, ask the current owner about them. If the owner is not present while viewing the house, ask for a second viewing in which he or she will be able to be there. While you should leave any negotiations to the real estate agents, it is always a good idea to be able to talk directly with the person who has lived in the house for a while to get the best indication of the place as a home.