Make Your Mobile Home Feel Like A House

If you are looking for ways to make your trailer feel like a home, the limited dimensions of most mobile homes can make refurbishments challenging. There are a few tricks that you can employ that will make your mobile home feel larger and more like a house, while not making permanent changes to the property that could violate a lease or rental agreement. 

Some tips to make a trailer seem more like a home include:

Make ceilings seem taller. If you want to make the living area seem higher and larger, hang your window treatments about six inches higher than the upper sill of the pane. Let the drapes or panels hang in a puddle on the floor, which will help the room seem bigger. If you are allowed to paint, paint the walls and ceilings the same, light color to make the space appear wider.

Keep spaces open and airy. Don't obstruct the windows in your mobile home with clutter or furniture; instead, keep the spaces as empty as possible. The aim is to allow as much natural light as possible into the space.

Invest in an outbuilding. Get rid of some of your clutter that could be making the space seem smaller by investing in an outbuilding. Rent a storage shed or building to use for a home office, entertaining space, or simply for storing your stuff. This will help you lighten up inside your mobile home and make it less crowded.

Create a hearth. Create a hearth in the main living space of the home by using bricks or stones around a half-wall area under a window. Use a shelf as the upper mantle of the hearth, placed just below the window. Cover the wall space with a dark wood panel and consider investing in an electric insert or faux logs to replicate the looks of a fireplace.

Lighten up dated walls. If you get permission to paint, restore outdated wood paneling with a light coat of white to give it a streaky, shabby-chic look. This will also make the room seem lighter, brighter, and larger, as the dark paneling tends to make spaces seem narrow and small. Wood paneling is easy to paint and requires little priming.

Be sure to check with your landlord or rental agent (such as one from David McDonald Rentals) before doing anything to change the mobile home, such as painting or installing architectural details. Use these tips to make an ordinary trailer seem like a larger, more open house, and to create visual interest where it may be lacking.