Stand Out From The Pack With These Original Housewarming Gifts

It's an exciting time for anyone who buys a new home, but you can also get excited as a friend of the new homeowner -- and not just because you'll likely be invited to the housewarming party. Having a friend become a homeowner provides you with an opportunity to get a thoughtful gift that the friend can use or see regularly and think of your kindness. There's a good chance that he or she will be receiving basic home appliances, gift cards and other similar gifts. While helpful, these things are a little generic. You have a chance to put some thought and creativity into your housewarming gift and come up with something that truly stands out. Here are some ideas.

LED House Number

If the house has a standard-issue, faded house number sign affixed near the front door, you can give the area an instant makeover with the gift of an LED house number. This gift will make the house's street address clearly visible to after-dark visitors and the pizza delivery person alike -- which is ideal because the new homeowner might often be ordering pizza as he or she spends time busily unpacking and fixing up the house.

Personalized Welcome Mat

New homes can begin to feel like a home with the addition of a welcome mat, but don't opt for the run-of-the-mill "Welcome" variety sold at big-box stores. Instead, do some shopping online and find a retailer that produces personalized mats. Whether you get one with the homeowner's last name, a funny quip that he or she would appreciate or something related to a hobby or interest -- for example, a mat featuring a favorite sport's team's logo -- your friend will surely display this gift with pride.

Wireless Doorbell

If the house still has its original doorbell, the look of this button might leave a little to be desired -- especially in an older house. You can help your friend transform the look of the area around the front door with a wireless doorbell. These products are available in several different styles and are often sleek and modern; many have a brushed steel finish, making them ideal for the new homeowner who favors a chic, modern style. The additional benefit is that because the system is wireless, your friend won't have to pay an electrician to hook up the bell and ringer; he or she can do it with ease. If you are interested in having a new home of your own, contact a contractor who specializes in new homes.