Finding The Right Property For Your Guided Duck Hunts

Having the opportunity to shoot a duck in the wild is a privilege that many people are willing to pay for. If you are hoping to turn your passion for duck hunting into a full-time business by offering guided duck hunts, you will need to invest in the right property in order to make your business viable.

Finding a suitable piece of farm land for sale can be challenging, but here are three tips that you can use to ensure you invest in the right property for your guided duck hunting business.

1. Proximity To Amenities

If you don't plan to construct a lodge where your hunting guests can spend the night and eat their meals, then you will want to ensure that the property you purchase is in close proximity to local hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Be sure that you take the time to scout the towns surrounding any properties you are considering to determine whether or not they are capable of accommodating your hunting guests. Easy access to amenities will allow your property to attract hunters from near and far, increasing the likelihood that your new business will be profitable.

2. Farming Options

Each state regulates the number of days individuals are able to engage in duck hunting activities. If you are planning to offer hunts during the open duck season only, you will need to find additional ways to make money off your land the rest of the year. Farming can be a great option for portions of a piece of property that are not suitable for duck habitat.

When farmland and wildlife habitat co-exist in the same space, biodiversity is achieved. Biodiversity helps to keep the ecosystem on your property healthy, allowing you to attract more birds during hunting season. Before making an investment in a piece of property for your duck hunting business, be sure that the property is also zoned to allow farming activities to take place.

3. Accessibility

While a piece of property in a remote area could give you the opportunity to attract more ducks, it's essential that you ensure the property will be easily accessible for your hunting guests. Properties that don't have access roads or require four-wheel drive vehicles can limit the number of people who are able to participate in your guided hunts.

Unless you want to spend a significant amount of money building access roads to and from your property, invest in a piece of real estate that already has quality roads in place.

Finding the right property for your guided duck hunting business can be a challenge. Take into account a property's proximity to amenities, farming suitability, and accessibility before making an offer, and you will likely end up with a piece of property that is well-suited to meet your needs.