Penthouse Pretty: Views You Should Expect With These Luxury Apartments

The whole point to buying or renting a penthouse is for the views first, the prestige second, and the luxury third. While they are indeed luxury apartments, the reason why a penthouse is located on the top floor of any building is because it supposed to offer amazing views of the city. If you set up an appointment with a real estate agent to see some penthouses, be sure your penthouse includes views of all of the following.

Views of the City Skyline

Whether the penthouse is right in the thick of it or on the outskirts, the windows in the apartment should provide you with some breathtaking views of the city skyline. You should not have several buildings so close together that all you see is your neighbors in their apartments in the next building over and you can practically yell across for a cup of sugar. There should be lots of room and space between your building and the surrounding buildings so that you can see for miles on a clear day.

Views of Natural Wonders or Large City Parks

Penthouses that are the cream of the crop have views of the city parks or of the natural wonders and landmarks. Many penthouse owners report that they enjoy these views, since it makes them feel less bottled up within the city limits. Being able to view nature from some of your windows when your luxury apartment is so high up off the ground is also a very surreal and meditative experience, one worth paying a little extra for. Additionally, if you have children, it helps to purchase your apartment close to a park where your au pair or nanny can take the children to play.

Views of Historic Buildings or National Landmarks

While some people might prefer views of a large city park, others may prefer seeing national landmarks or historic buildings down below their penthouses. If you love all things old and all things symbolic, then maybe these are the views to look for. Settled in the midst of several brownstone homes or early Colonial and Revolutionary landmarks, you can find something to look at and see every day from the top floor of your building. You may even be encouraged by what you see to come down out of your penthouse and visit these places on foot or take a walk past them to admire their amazing architecture and facades up close.