Own An RV? 3 Things To Prioritize When Looking At Rental Homes

Some people who own an RV do not necessarily have a place to call home because they routinely move to different RV parks depending on where they want to be at the current time. But, other owners do not live this kind of lifestyle and need a permanent place to store it in between their travels. If you are looking for a home to rent, you cannot just pick any one as it could force you into renting RV storage. It is better when you are able to find a place that allows you to park the RV without having to spend extra money. Below are three things to look for on your search for houses for rent:

Enough Space in the Driveway

The first quality that you will want to look for in a rental home is a spacious driveway. Driveways that are thin, short, or both are going to give you problems because they may not be able to house an RV. You do not want the RV parked so far that it is practically touching the house or landscaping. It is also not allowed to park an RV so that it blocks part of the sidewalk, so you need one that is long enough. The reason the width is so crucial is that you want to give your heavy RV a sturdy place to park. If it was parked on the grass, it would inevitably damage the grass, and fixing it would come from your security deposit.

Accessible Garage

Even if you find a place with a large enough driveway, you could still have some issues. If the driveway leads to the garage, you need to have a wide enough driveway to use it for vehicle storage. Most of the large ones are about 8½ feet wide, but it is ideal to look up the exact width of your RV. Owning a smaller vehicle is one way to make it easier to drive it past the RV and right into the garage.

Covered Parking

The elements and sunlight will naturally put wear and tear on your RV. While it may not be your top priority to get covered parking, you may want to look for places that have a large carport. Even if you are only able to protect part of the RV, it will reduce how much paint oxidation and possible damage occurs over time.

Finding a rental home as an RV owner might prove to be challenging, but prioritizing the right features and having patience will help you end up in a home that allows for stress-free RV ownership.