Watch For These Signs That Could Suggest A Grow House

Whenever you're touring a house for sale and that you're thinking of buying, it's important to watch for signs that could suggest that the residence was previously used as a marijuana grow house. Sellers should always reveal this concerning history of their homes, but some people might not do so because of a concern over this history scaring buyers away. Your local police force can let you know if the house in question has this criminal history, but if no raids were ever conducted at the location, the house might not be known to police. This leaves you and your real estate agent in charge of keeping your eyes open for signs that the home may have been used as a grow house. Here are some indicators.

The House Is Empty

People who operate grow houses often live elsewhere so that marijuana plants can take up the bulk of the space inside the residence. Keep this fact in mind if the house is empty. An empty house doesn't always indicate the residence could have been a grow house — it's possible that the owners have already moved into a new home. However, try to note if the house looks recently inhabited. A house that was previously inhabited will often have furniture marks in the carpet and other signs of human interaction. In a former grow house, there will be no real signs that anyone has lived there recently.

You Can See Or Smell Mold

Mold is a common element in grow houses. In order to successfully grow their crops, growers must have the heat elevated in the house and keep the plants watered. This can lead to a build-up of humidity, which will then cause mold to grow. You may be able to see signs of mold on the walls or simply smell it in the air. On its own, mold doesn't always suggest a grow house, but its presence should be taken seriously either way.

The Yard Is Overgrown

Given that a grow house is often uninhabited, the yard may have become overgrown. Take a walk through the yard to note its condition. Overgrown doesn't mean that the grass hasn't been cut in a week — it means that the grass might be a foot tall or overrun with weeds. If the condition of the yard is a stark contrast to the other yards on the street, this could indicate that the house was used as a grow house. Additionally, there may be no planted flowers, no vegetable garden, and no signs that a family has spent time in the yard.