Selling The Fixer-Upper: 3 Tips To Get Buyers Interested In Your As-Is Home

Selling a home can be challenging, especially when that home needs some repairs in order to be made fully functional once again. If you find that you are having difficult getting buyers to consider your home, then you might want to consider targeting any condition home buyers. These homes are often sold to investors who flip them for a profit, which means you could have cash offers with relatively little effort.

Here are three tips you can use to target as-is buyers when trying to sell your home.

1. Have your disclosures prepared.

Although a buyer interested in paying cash for an as-is home understands that what you see is what you get when making these types of purchases, it can be beneficial for you to have a disclosure list prepared by a licensed home inspector.

Since you will be required to submit disclosures with the final contract anyway, providing buyers with a list of problems up-front will help reduce the amount of work required for a buyer to determine if he or she is willing to spend cash to purchase and upgrade your home. Let buyers know you are able to disclose all issues immediately to attract more interested parties to your home.

2. Become familiar with the competition.

Comparable homes being sold on the market play a role in helping price not only conditional homes, but as-is homes as well. It can be beneficial for you to take the time to tour some of the as-is homes being offered for sale in your area.

Seeing these properties will help you determine how your own home measures up. You will be able to price your home competitively to attract cash buyers, and you will also be able to better recognize low-ball offers so that you can get the most money possible out of the sale of your home.

3. Keep your home as clean as possible.

When a cash buyer tours your home, he or she is likely trying to determine if the repairs and upgrades your home needs can be made within a reasonable budget.

In order to help a buyer see the best in your home, you should strive to keep your property as clean as possible. This means removing all clutter from interior rooms and closets and taking the time to ensure that your yard is maintained and well-groomed.

Attracting cash buyers will help you sell your home as-is in order to allow you to relocate. Be sure that you are providing disclosures up-front, pricing your home competitively, and keeping the property clean to encourage more as-is buyers to consider investing in your property in the future.