Preparing To Become A First-Time Home Seller? 4 Tips For A Successful Sale

Selling a home for the first time can be scary, especially if the real estate market in your area is swinging toward a buyer's market, with an expanding selection of available homes for sale and a shrinking number of qualified buyers offering to purchase them. But don't worry—homes that are prepared properly and marketed aggressively will still attract qualified buyers and receive viable purchase offers, even when market conditions appear gloomy. If you are selling your first home in a less-than-perfect real estate market and would like to make sure that it will attract buyers and sell quickly, the following tips can help. 

Get a home inspection before listing your home for sale

One of the biggest—and often most expensive—roadblocks that sellers experience when selling their home is discovering their home has a problem during the buyer inspection process, after the purchase offer has been accepted and the transaction is moving toward closing. If the problem discovered is serious, it can force sellers to renegotiate the sales price or pay for repairs they did not know about or budget for. To avoid this type of problem, take the initiative and have your home professionally inspected by a licensed, reputable home inspector in your area, and make any necessary repairs before placing it on the market. 

Clear clutter and pack away excess possessions 

Clutter can make even the most spacious home look small and cramped. To avoid having buyers discount the value of your home because it looks cluttered, take time before listing to get rid of unnecessary possessions by selling, recycling, or even storing them in an offsite storage unit while the home is on the market. 

Hire the right real estate agent for the job

Choosing the right real estate agent it critical to a successful sale in any market, but especially so in a buyer's market. Look for an agent that has a proven record of success in the area in which your home is located. Interview several before making your final selection. Remember that communication is key for a great transaction, so make sure the agent you choose has a policy of returning client calls, texts, and emails promptly. 

Price the home with the market in mind

No matter how well your home looks or how aggressively your agent markets it, if the price is too high, it will not compete well with other homes for sale in your area. Always discuss your pricing concerns with your agent and make sure you use the most recent market data to choose the best possible price for your home.