Times To Hire A Real Estate Agent After Previously Attempting To Sell Your Own Home

Many people choose to list their own homes for sale, and it's often possible to successfully close the deal when managing things on your own. If you've decided to forgo hiring a real estate agent in favor of selling your home on your own, it's important to know that your decision isn't permanent. It's perfectly fine to decide that you need a little help from a professional, and then reach out and hire an agent to provide his or her professional experience. Here are some specific times that you may wish to hire a real estate agent after previously listing the house for sale on your own.

You're Not Getting Offers

Failing to receive offers on your home is one of the most frustrating parts about trying to sell your home on your own. There are many potential reasons that you may not be getting offers, and a real estate agent can turn your fortunes around. For example, one reason that offers aren't forthcoming is that you aren't adequately marketing your home. For example, perhaps you've put up a homemade lawn sign, but this will only alert people to your home for sale when they drive past. A real estate agent can use a long list of other marketing methods to ensure that your listing gets distributed to the masses.

The Offers You Receive Are Too Low

The excitement you feel upon receiving an offer can quickly turn to frustration when you learn that the offer you've received is significantly lower than your listing price. While some negotiation may get the number to an acceptable level, some low offers are a sign that a deal won't be getting done. You may be receiving low offers because your home is priced too high. Many people who sell their own homes list too high because of an emotional connection to the residence that results in overvaluing it. When you get an agent on board, he or she will suggest a fair market value for your home.

The Negotiations Aren't Going Well

Negotiating the sale of your home is an art. With the wrong approach, you'll quickly scare away prospective buyers. If you've been through multiple negotiations with nothing to show for them, it may be time to get an agent on your side. Real estate professionals are skilled at the art of negotiation and will act in your best interest during this challenging phase.