Send A Clear Signal That You’re Serious About Selling With These Tips

As you prepare to list your home for sale, it's valuable to assess what type of seller you are. Are you someone who is in a big hurry to move, or someone who would be fine with the house not selling? If you're among the former category, there are several ways that you can clearly send this message to prospective buyers. Doing so is valuable because it may not only result in you receiving purchase offers quickly, but it may also discourage people who aren't really serious buyers — ideally, they'll be able to tell that you mean business and won't want to waste your time. Here are some ways to send this message.

Price Your Home Competitively

Someone who prices his or her home well above the market value sends a message that he or she isn't serious about selling. Conversely, if you take care to price your home at exactly what it's worth, you're showing prospective buyers just how serious you are about selling in a timely fashion. Work closely with your real estate agent to come up with a reasonable asking price — this may discourage people from submitting low-ball offers, as their buying agents will let them know that the house is priced correctly and a low-ball offer wouldn't likely be accepted.

Stage It Professionally

When you go to the expense of having your home staged professionally, it's sending a clear message that you're serious about selling. The average homeowner who is curious about what offers he or she might receive on his or her home wouldn't likely spend the money on home staging, conversely. The partial or complete transformation of your home as a result of staging shows people browsing online real estate listings that you want the home to look its best, thus suggesting that you want to sell quickly.

Be Accommodating With Showing Requests

A committed seller responds quickly to showing requests from buyer agents and does his or her best to be accommodating. Someone who isn't very serious about selling may respond to showing requests in a tardy manner and may also change or cancel these engagements. When a buyer agent contacts your listing agent to ask about a showing, try to agree to the prospective buyer's suggested time and date. This shows how serious you are about getting a deal done, and it can put the buyer in a positive frame of mind before he or she even enters your home.