3 Tips for Selling Your House from Afar

You don't have to be physically present or living in your property to sell it; you can sell your home from afar. The process may be more challenging than selling a home when you are present, however, so keep these helpful measures in mind when selling a home from afar:

Don't Trust a Relative with the Job—Hire a Realtor

Most people know that it's useful to have a person on the ground, someone who can act on your behalf if you are selling a property from afar. Unfortunately, many people don't know that this person should be a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent. That is why some people put their relatives in charge when selling a property remotely.

Unfortunately, your relative (unless they are realtors) may not know how to market the house, price it, and negotiate a fair deal. A relative may even misappropriate your resources knowing that you will "forgive" them. Even if you have a relative keeping an eye on things while you are away; have a professional realtor handle the sale.

Leave a Small Selection of Home Furnishings in the House

Most buyers don't want to buy vacant house—that is, houses that have been vacant for some time. Some people assume that vacant properties may not have been as properly maintained or taken care of as occupied houses. Others will also assume that you are desperate to sell or that the house isn't suitable to live in. Therefore, if you aren't currently living in the house you wish to sell, don't let it appear as if it has been empty for a long time. One way of doing this is to leave a selection of the furnishings, say a few chairs, couch, and bed.

Mind the Tax Implications

Taxation can take a huge chunk out of your sales proceeds if you aren't careful. This is even more so given that you may be required to pay more or less property tax depending on how long you have been living in it for the last few years. For example, the federal government will give you a tax break on the first $250,000 gain if you have been living in the house for at least two of the past five years. This may be the case if you have been out of the country or state for some time. You may not know about such things if you don't talk to a tax professional before the sale.