Marketing Mistakes All Real Estate Agents Should Avoid Making

Working in real estate is a very rewarding and often lucrative career. However, any good agent is going to have to have a flawless marketing strategy in place to be successful. Sadly, there are some very common marketing mistakes that many agents make that can be extremely costly when it comes to both money and growth. The following are some examples:

Underutilizing the Power of Social Media

Social media is king today. A huge amount of the home-buying demographic has a presence on social media. You have a very large audience of homebuyers that are just waiting for your help. As a real estate agent, you can very quickly grow a business on social media because you are available to clients. They can ask questions about listings and engage with you if they have concerns. You can create an expert reputation for yourself as a go-to person in your area, which will result in leads and traffic to your business.

Undervaluing the Power of a Listing Description

When someone is ready to purchase a home, one of the first things they do is head to the listings. If you do not have a really good and descriptive listing, the buyer will quickly move on to the next listing. You need to describe the home by listing the details that you would want to know if you were the purchaser. In addition to details about the actual house, you also need to include information that is pertinent to the buyer, such as school ratings, the amenities that are available, shopping centers, and the like.

Underinvesting in a Website

Like most real estate agents, you likely hand out business cards. It has all of your important contact information on it that buyers can use to contact you. A real estate agent's website is an extension of his or her business card, but it needs to be so much more. Do not just post the same information that can easily be found in a phone book or on your business card. Invest in your website so that it is interactive. Most people will begin their home search online. You will need to have a website that is always functional and can be viewed on all mobile devices.

In addition to contact information and listings, you should also consider adding a blog to your website. This helps generate traffic to your business. When people do an online search to any number of real estate-related topics and you have a post on that topic, there is a chance that your website will end up in their search results. Take some time to write up a few posts that will be appealing to home buyers. Regularly updating your blog will also keep your website fresh and more likely to be found by search engines.