Transform A Fitness Room Into A Juice Bar And Gym

If you recently purchased a luxurious home nestled deep in the woods that comes with many modern amenities, including a fitness room, and would like to welcome some of your friends to participate in workout sessions with you, add some additional features to the room to transform the area into a juice bar and gym by implementing the tips below. Offer your guests a grand tour of your new residence before providing them with the opportunity to use the equipment and enjoy the beverages that you have prepared.

Prepare A Juicing Station

If the exercise room did not come fully stocked with equipment and furnishings, you will have plenty of room to add a juicing station. If equipment did come with your purchase, however, remove the exercise paraphernalia from the room and place it in a central location in the home until you have finished adding a juice bar.

A small tiki type bar and stools can be placed in one corner of the room. Purchase a juicing machine and set glasses on racks that are behind the table. Purchase a variety of fruit and vegetables to use to prepare healthy beverages. Keep plenty of ice on hand so that you can create smoothies or frosty creations that you have personally invented. 

Hire An Exercise Instructor

Hire a personal exercise instructor who will is willing to demonstrate exercises and encourage you and your friends to master the moves that are needed to complete each one. An instructor who is optimistic and encouraging can help you and your peers achieve personal goals that are set for yourselves.

Meet with the instructor at your new home and participate in a workout session with him or her to determine how receptive you are to the instructions that are given to you and to predetermine how the instructor will benefit you and your guests on the day of the open house. Purchase new equipment if needed and place it inside of the exercise room, along with any other items that you purchased through a real estate agency. 

Provide A Tour And Offer Drinks, Equipment, And A Cooling Off Area

On the day of your social event, invite your guests into your new luxurious home and walk them through each of its rooms. Point out the key elements in each room that encouraged you to purchase the home and lead your guests into the exercise room when you have finished. Invite everyone to enjoy a hand-prepared fruit or vegetable beverage before introducing your friends to the exercise instructor.

After exercising in the room, lead everyone to a quiet, private part of the room that contains lounge chairs and tables. Turn on some music and offer another beverage to each of your friends as they relax and cool down. Contact a real estate agent near you to find luxury houses for sale