House Tee Time: Selecting A Home In A Golf Course Community

When a large golf course is being built, there is a good chance that nice homes are being constructed alongside the course. This is of benefit to those who are interested in buying a brand new home. The homes in golf course communities are often built to look immaculate. When you are house hunting, golf course homes are a good buy, as the area is kept well and is likely to have an HOA that oversees a lot of the beauty and safety of the community. The most important thing to do is select a home that is in the best area for you. Here are some tips for selecting the right home on the right lot in a golf course community. 

Find a place near the tee area.

The place where most golfers tend to tee off is likely to be lighter in terms of golf swings. If you live near the tee area, most people will be hitting the ball away from your home. This reduces the chances of your windows getting hit and needing to be replaced due to errant golf balls flying. Getting a home as close as possible to the tee area will make it likely that no balls will fly in the direction of your family's home. 

Determine the length from the course itself.

Some homes are incredibly close to the holes, which means that golfers will walk by or even stand near the home in order to hit the ball. Find a home that sits furthest away from any golf holes on the course. Although there is the chance that a new golfer can over-hit the ball and cause it to land near your home, there is less of a chance of the golfers aiming for anything near your home. This means you are likely to have more privacy in your front and backyard. 

Go with a backyard with a wall.

No matter where your home is on the golf course, having a wall that offers you privacy will keep you safe and allow you to enjoy the community at a distance. Find homes with a privacy wall or ask the real estate agent if it is allowed for you to build a privacy wall in your backyard. This wall should be the width of your backyard and should be several feet higher than your current fence or tall enough to provide you shade if you have an exterior table. This will not only stop golf balls from flying near your home, but it will give you some distance from the golfers who walk and ride by.