How To Make Sure The Seller Fixes All Issues Found In The Home Inspection

When you begin thinking about writing an offer for a house, you should always consider adding a home inspection contingency to the offer. This type of contingency allows you the right to get the home inspected — but that is not all. If you word the contingency properly, you can also ensure that the seller makes all the necessary repairs for every issue discovered in the home inspection. Here are several tips to help protect you with issues found in the home inspection.

You should use proper wording

To ensure that the seller of the house you are buying makes all the necessary repairs, you will need to include the proper wording in your purchase offer. To begin, you would need to add a home inspection contingency, which simply states that you have the right to get an inspection completed for the house before closing on it. In addition, you should state that inspection must come back favorably, without any major defects or issues. Finally, you should state that you are asking the seller to fix any issues discovered in the inspection. By adding these things, you can be certain that the seller will complete all the necessary repairs on the house.

Understand that the seller has an incentive to fix the issues

Secondly, if the seller agrees to your offer, you should know that he or she will have an incentive to take care of all the issues. The incentive in this is that the seller will know that you have the legal right to void the contract if he or she does not make the repairs needed. As long as the seller follows through with the needed repairs, the deal should go through.

Schedule a final walk-through to follow up on these things

As the person buying the house, you should plan on completing a final walk-through of the house to make sure the seller did everything necessary. When you attend this meeting, you should have a list in hand of all the issues you were expecting the seller to fix. If any are not completed, your agent can tell the seller, and the seller will have time to fix them. To give the seller time to fix everything, make sure you complete the final walk through a few days prior to your mortgage closing.

Making sure the seller fixes all the issues discovered in the home inspection is important to many people who are buying homes. To learn more about inspection contingencies and repairs for issues, talk to your real estate agent.