Listing A Country Home: Tips For A Fast Sale

Whenever you list a home for sale, you cross your fingers and hope it sells quickly! Many times, the speed at which a home sells has more to do with what's included in the listing than with the home itself. If your listing does not tell buyers what they need to know and entice them to come look at your home, you won't have a lot of interest. So how do you create an enticing, informative listing when selling a home in the country? Take a look.

Go into detail about how the property can be used.

In the country, people are often looking for property they can use for a purpose other than just living on. For example, they might want land they can use for horses, as a dirt bike track, or to raise goats. Be specific about how the land is zoned, what uses are permitted by the town, and what the land has been used for in the past. This can also cause your listing to come up when people search using certain keywords. For instance, if you write that zoning allows the land to be used for horses, the listing will come up when people search for "horse properties in town x."

Give details about the septic system.

Chances are, the property is on septic if it is in the country. Buyers know that septic problems can be costly to fix, and if you do not include details about the septic system, they might assume you are hiding something. So include details about the type and age of the tank, when it was last pumped, and where it is located.

Give details about the well.

The same is true if your home has well water. Buyers will be suspicious that the well might run dry, may not be safe, and so forth. So ease their worries with as much detail as possible. If you have recently had the well water tested, specify that in the listing. And also mention that you will show the potential buyers the test results upon request.

Include distances to nearest conveniences. 

When you live out in the middle of nowhere, you need to know how far it is to the nearest grocery store, hospital, and gas station. Yes, home buyers can Google this information based on the home's address, but including it in your listing just makes you look more honest and the home look more appealing. 

For more information, contact a real estate listing agent.