Selling An Appearance-Challenged Home? Tips To Get It Ready For A Featured Properties Listing Ad

Appearance and presentation are crucial when marketing a home to sell. This is because most prospective home buyers will first be introduced to the home in photos, such as the ones used in featured properties listing ads in the newspaper or on the web. But the fact is that - like people - some homes are just more photogenic than others. If you are a homeowner who is currently readying your home to list or one who plans to begin doing so soon, here are some tips to help make a somewhat nondescript home look like the star it really is. 

Take some pictures to identify problem areas

If you have ever snapped a family photo to memorialize a moment of family history only to realize that it was spoiled by the dirty dishes or the photo-bombing cat, then you are sure to recognize the value in taking some impromptu pre-listing photos. Just a few quick shots taken outside from the front of the home and inside the main living areas will help homeowners identify potential problems. Some of the issues that are easy to spot in these photos will include poor lighting, awkward furniture arrangement, and visible repair issues, like torn screens and drooping gutters. 

Practice minimalism, inside and out

When photos are taken of scenes filled with multiple items and colors, the viewers can become distracted and miss the features that the photographer was trying to showcase. Homeowners should be wary of this potential problem and take steps to remedy it by packing away most of their decorative and personal items before the photoshoot begins. Presenting the home in a more minimalistic manner will help prevent prospective buyers from becoming distracted while better directing their focus to the home's best architectural features and selling points. 

Clean every surface as if the sale of the home depends on it (because it might)

Spotless surfaces throughout the home are a must when aiming for marketing photos suitable for a featured listing photo spread. This is because light is better able to reflect from surfaces that are free of light-absorbing dust and grime. Buyers who view marketing photos of clean, sparsely furnished and decorated spaces will be more likely to perceive the home they are viewing as spacious, airy, and attractive. 

Homeowners who are looking at their home and worrying that it is just too plain or unattractive for photos can find the helpful advice they need by calling on a successful listing agent in their area. These experienced agents will be able to offer sellers tips and ideas for steps they can make to help give their appearance-challenged home some star-quality appeal in the featured property listings ads.