Getting Your Home Market-Ready For Less

Before you put your home on the market, take a look at these quick, easy, and inexpensive tweaks that might help it stand out. It's all about looking at your residential property from a buyer's viewpoint.

Make the Home Seem Roomier

The number one need on many buyer's lists is more square footage. Without phoning a single contractor, sellers can identify and enhance some underutilized areas you already have. For instance, consider these quick fixes:

Bedrooms – Many buyers need several bedrooms but the bedrooms in your home may be masquerading as something else. If your home is still furnished, be sure to remove all that office furniture, work-out equipment, and the stacks of moving boxes while your home is being shown. If you must, rent or borrow some bedroom furnishings so the buyers won't need to guess about how they can use the space.

Basements – If your basement is finished, you are fortunate and need to take full advantage of it. If not, strongly consider making it so. Buyers love finished basements and each one can name the reason why. You should consider it a flexible space that can fill your buyer's needs for everything from a media room or a man cave to more. If you can afford it, fashion a bedroom and bathroom out of that basement area and watch the bedroom-hungry buyer offers pour in.

Your Back Yard – A back deck, patio, or porch can serve as an extension of your other living spaces if you take the right approach. Outfit that space just as you might a living room, dining room, or even a kitchen. Add some comfortable seating, an eating area, and perhaps a welcoming fire area. An outdoor rug and some weather-resistant throw pillows will add the final, welcoming touch.

All Your Rooms – Take on a massive decluttering project before you list your home and your buyers will appreciate it. Rooms that are packed with too much furniture, too many decorative items, and just much stuff look visually smaller and claustrophobic. Remove the family photographs, awards, and trophies and let your buyers imagine their own uses for the wall. If you have some large and bulky pieces of furniture, move them to storage and revel in the space, light, and architectural details that your buyers want to see.

For more inexpensive ideas to make your home market-ready, ask your real estate agent.