Cookie Cutter Subdivisions: Why You May Want One Of These Homes

During and just after the Great Depression, multiple new subdivisions were created, and contractors were engaged to build several homes that looked exactly the same on every single lot. Every home was the exact same size and boasted the same features and the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Shortly thereafter, the phrase "cookie-cutter home" was coined in reference to this style of construction. It referenced the fact that if you use the exact same cookie cutter to cut out several cookies that were exactly alike, and it applied to these subdivisions and the homes in them. 

While it was not always a phrase that had positive connotations, "cookie-cutter homes" has turned a corner. In fact, that phrase, as well as "cookie-cutter subdivisions," now means something more positive. Here is the modern twist on a cookie-cutter home, and why you may want one of these homes. 

Larger and Fancier

Mass-produced and made to be very similar, today's duplicate homes are bigger and fancier. Many of them are built to be the exact same house with a few key changes. Some may have three mid-size bedrooms, while others may have two giant bedrooms or four small bedrooms. The square footage is exactly the same; it is the layout that is different. There are also fancier details and sometimes more than one bathroom. They are very comfortable and often quite affordable. 

Very Affordable 

Because today's versions of the cookie-cutter home are still duplicates of the surrounding homes, the cost of purchasing one of these new homes for sale is much more affordable. Not a lot of people gravitate toward a house that looks exactly like the neighbors' homes on either side. For that reason, the houses are priced to sell. Many of these houses are also constructed for low-income families, but they are not restricted to just low-income buyers. 

Renovated Relics of the Original Cookie Cutter Era

If you would prefer, you can look for homes that were originally constructed in this fashion. There are some surviving houses from the original cookie-cutter subdivisions from the Great Depression and WWII era. Just be aware that these homes are highly valued and collectiblePeople now want one of these homes because of their historic value, and living in one means you had the wealth and/or finances to buy it and fix it up. 

Look for new homes for sale in the area you want. If you would like more information, speak to a real estate professional.