Want To Sell Your Home Within The Next Year? Work With An Agent Early On

When some homeowners decide that they want to sell their home, they may only begin to work with a real estate professional once they are ready to list the property for sale. But this can lead to missing out on valuable information and guidelines that could lead to a better selling experience. If you want to sell your home within the next year, you will find great value in contacting a real estate agent and working with them starting immediately.


After deciding that you are going to sell your home, you may not be interested in making major improvements. But you may not want to hesitate to make small improvements that could improve your family's quality of life at home for at least several months. Another thing to consider is that listing your home does not mean that it will sell right away, so your family could benefit from improvements for longer than a year depending on how the selling process goes.

Running through all your ideas for improvement with an agent will help you learn about whether they will increase or decrease the interest of typical buyers. You may be willing to change your improvement plans when they might increase the property's value.


Staging your home is not a task you will need to worry about until you are ready to list your house for sale, but you will benefit from thinking about it early on. For instance, you may be looking to buy new furniture for the home that you will eventually take with you to your future house.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to purchase pieces that would look amazing in home listing photos. If you are willing to base part of your decision on staging potential, you should work with a real estate agent to see what kinds of pieces they would want to use to stage the house.


Maintaining a clean home makes it easier to get the house ready for selling in the future. While deep cleaning can make a carpet look newer by several years, you will be limited in how new and attractive you are able to make old and dirty carpeting. An agent can give you tips on maintaining a clean home so that when it comes time to sell, you do not have to invest as much time and effort into cleaning because the house will have been kept relatively clean.

Working with a real estate agent early on will make it easier for you to sell your home.