What Does Luxury Mean?

Look at real estate and rental listings in most cities nowadays, and you'll see mention after mention of luxury homes and apartments. If you're in the market for a luxury home, that may seem wonderful, until you realize that many of those ads are using luxury as a keyword to get the listing to show up in searches.

Luxury real estate is a real thing. It's just that looking through all of the ads using that word to find the real luxury listings can take time. With the help of a real estate agent, you can find the luxury residential homes that fit your requirements, although it still helps to have an idea of what luxury truly is.

It Means More Than Just Remodeling and Installing New Fixtures

A luxury home looks great — but it is more than just a great-looking house. Anyone can install nice-looking appliances and backsplashes along with laminate flooring; that doesn't make the place an actual luxury home. When you choose which listings you want to see, look past the cosmetically nice surfaces. While appearance certainly plays a role in making a property luxurious or not, it's what's under those surfaces that confirms that designation.

Quality and Wellness Are Major Factors

The quality of the home's materials and workmanship, along with the capacity for features that promote wellness — good sound insulation, excellent ventilation, adequate space, and so on — tend to be major factors in determining whether a home is truly luxurious. A nice-looking McMansion with no noise insulation and a propensity toward mold is not luxury. A modestly sized house on a large lot with excellent construction and a healthy interior could very well count as a luxury home.

Regional Variations in Price Are Good Starting Points

Price does determine whether a house can be marketed as luxury, but keep in mind that regional variations mean the price should be a starting point in your search, but not the only factor. A two-million-dollar home in Amarillo and a 10-million-dollar home in Scottsdale could both be part of those regions' luxury markets. Find out from a real estate agent what the low-end price of the luxury range is for the areas you're looking in.

Now There's Ultra-Luxury if You Really Want to Have It All

Maybe you can't really find a luxury home that fits your needs. What about ultra-luxury? That's right — you can find luxury homes that make a more typical luxury home look like a toy. Ultra-luxury homes have a much higher price point, of course, but the extremes of the construction and the degree to which everything is customized really make ultra-luxury stand out.

Your real estate agent can guide you toward homes that truthfully meet what your area considers luxury. As builders cater to more prosperous buyers, the supply of luxury homes should be good, offering you a chance to find a wonderful place to live.