Tips For Inspecting A Rural Home For Potential Purchase

If you have decided to move out of the city to a rural area, then it is important that you understand which inspections are necessary to ensure that you are buying a property without major issues. Since rural properties often have water wells, septic tanks, and other aspects that homes located within city limits do not, it is vital that you have each of these things professionally inspected before your escrow closes and any problems become your issues to resolve. Read More 

Selling The Fixer-Upper: 3 Tips To Get Buyers Interested In Your As-Is Home

Selling a home can be challenging, especially when that home needs some repairs in order to be made fully functional once again. If you find that you are having difficult getting buyers to consider your home, then you might want to consider targeting any condition home buyers. These homes are often sold to investors who flip them for a profit, which means you could have cash offers with relatively little effort. Read More 

Watch For These Signs That Could Suggest A Grow House

Whenever you're touring a house for sale and that you're thinking of buying, it's important to watch for signs that could suggest that the residence was previously used as a marijuana grow house. Sellers should always reveal this concerning history of their homes, but some people might not do so because of a concern over this history scaring buyers away. Your local police force can let you know if the house in question has this criminal history, but if no raids were ever conducted at the location, the house might not be known to police. Read More 

Who Should I Talk To Before Investing In Real Estate?

As a beginning real estate owner, you can do yourself a favor by consulting many professionals who can give you their own perspective on a potential purchase. Here are the consultants that you should have in your corner when you're looking for property to buy. Bank Representative The first person to get friendly with is your bank representative. If you are getting pre-approved for a mortgage, then you'll want to make sure that you understand what the true financial commitment would be on a property. Read More 

What Is An FHA Loan, Anyways?

"Are you getting an FHA mortgage?" "Apply for an FHA loan. You'll get a better rate!" If you're house hunting in the United States, there's a good chance your friends, or perhaps even your realtor, have been making these statements. You might nod and agree, and you might even go through with applying for an FHA loan because that's what someone knowledgeable told you do to. But if you're like many house hunters, you don't really know what an FHA mortgage is or how it benefits you. Read More