8 Tips For Dealing With Bed Bugs During The Summer

If you and your family are staying in hotels while on summer vacation, there is a possibility that you could inadvertently bring home unwanted guests. Bed bugs can get into your family's luggage and lead to an infestation at your home. To keep this from happening, here are some tips for dealing with bed bugs in the hotel and at home.  Take your luggage directly to the bathroom. Bed bugs are typically found in fabrics, such as the lining of a mattress. Read More 

Does The House You Want To Buy Have A Tree House? 3 Things To Take Into Consideration

Shopping for a home is one of the most complicated processes that you will may undertake. To have a positive experience, you need to spend a lot of time going through the features you want and need. When you incorporate a unique feature into the mix, such as a tree house, it can become even more complex. While some people interested in a tree house may see it as a bonus, you may not feel this way. Read More 

2 Challenges You May Face When Buying A Vacant Home

If you have your eyes set on purchasing a home in your area that has been vacant for a while now, you may want to prepare yourself for some of the challenges you may face if you go through with the purchase. A real estate agent can help you obtain a viewing of the home and write a purchase agreement, but here are a couple challenges you may encounter as you prepare to go through with this deal. Read More 

Home Buying 101: Four Things Your Realtor Needs To Know

Purchasing a home is both exciting and overwhelming. If you are like most people, you will hire a realtor to help you sort through homes and find one that is perfect for you. While working with a real estate agent is certainly helpful, there needs to a good level of communication in order to find that dream home. So what information do you need to tell your Realtor? Here are four things: Read More 

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Moving Service

When you are moving from one place to another, you may not realize how challenging it can be if you've never done it before. Moving all your items while making sure they are safe and getting the task done in a timely manner is difficult to do on your own. Although you can bring on friends and family to help with the task, they may not be as reliable as a professional moving service since friends and family may not be able to help the entire time due to work and family schedules. Read More